Sunday, February 05, 2006

MacLean is in a position to do with the roster

MacLean is in a position to do with the roster as much, or as little, as he wishes. He has seven potential unrestricted free agents and the salary cap is expected to rise. This gives him flexibility.
MacLean has indicated that, of the seven potential unrestricteds, four are a priority — defenseman Radoslav Suchy, center Manny Malhotra and right wingers David Vyborny and Trevor Letowski. These are guys MacLean wants to keep
In the meantime, Richardson, Hulse and Hrdina have to be considered tradable material. (Everyone is, save Nash, when you come right down to it). A number of teams are casting about for defensive depth, and Hulse is a prime candidate to be moved before the March 9 trade deadline. Richardson — former captain, good soldier and dedicated central Ohioan — may not want to be sent away for another team’s stretch run. In any event, he will be consulted, a courtesy he deserves. As for Hrdina, it will be interesting to see whether he continues to play himself into another contract here or gets a handshake and another crack at the market.

Lets hope he does not trade away all the talent again.

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