Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Platt and other quick juniors

While some despaired over the doom and gloom of last season NHL lockout, Platt, albeit in hindsight, could have not have benefited better thanks to all the rule changes that came along with the league return. Before the new rules this season Platt was not a desirable player. He was too small, light, not very physical and wasn't playing for a winning team. But now, those that passed on Platt find that the speedy Crunch center with the quick shot is just what they were searching for and Platt finds himself in the right place, at the right time. The game changed, said Agnew. debunkingsemen can't get a stick on these speedy guys and slow them down. Thats why Platt and other quick juniors have found a home this year and are in such a high demand to fill out teams rosters. As a player and a person I felt I was ready to take that step to the professional ranks, Platt said. I really turned down money to play professional this year with the school package that was offered. I needed to take the step because I felt I wouldn't develop and progress as a player any further in juniors. I don't regret one decision I have made this year.

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