Friday, March 03, 2006

fans of local team Columbus Blue Jackets

Ohio-based Huntington Banchares has added an online interactive ice hockey game to its Web site aimed at fans of local team Columbus Blue Jackets.
The game was designed to accompany the bank's new Blue Jackets Banking package which includes a branded mouse mat, checks book and cheese card as well as free online banking and bill payment services for customers who sign up.
Huntington says the ice hockey game has attracted more than 4000 game plays since it was launched on 1 February.
Jim Kunk, president of Huntington's central Ohio region, says: "We wanted to offer all of the convenience of our checking services along with a fun way to demonstrate fan loyalty to the Blue Jackets."
The premise of the online game is for the player to skate up ice with the puck, dodging and/or checking the opposing electronic players. As the game progresses, the play increases in difficulty and speed. There is no set ending to the game, just increased difficulty.

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