Sunday, August 27, 2006

Nikolai Zherdev

Loyalty first?Doug MacLean spent more than $600,000 and went to the State Department to get Nikolai Zherdev out of Russia and to North America to play for the Blue Jackets in 2003. Three years later, the young player's contract is up, and he's back in Russia playing while agent Rolland Hedges threatens to keep his player there unless their money demands are met here. Blackmail? Usually, it's the Russians doing that to the NHL. Doesn't Zherdev owe MacLean at this point? At what price comes loyalty these days?


Anonymous said...

You'd think there should be at least a little loyalty. I wonder just how good Hedges's advice is.

Anonymous said...

Maclean didnt do that for Zherdev though he did that for the Jackets because they needed a player of Zherdev's talent to succeed even somewhat. It's unfair that Zherdev is getting contract comparison's by the Jackets to player(s) that have been injured and put up no numbers while Zherdev has been putting up decent numbers. I think the team can spend a little extra to keep the youngster around a while. He's definately talented enough.

Anonymous said...

Well, the signing of Carter today makes it official: Zherdev is gone. I doubt we'll ever see him back in a CBJ uni. At least we got a decent player for the year.