Friday, September 29, 2006

Nikolai Zherdev no fulltime baby sitter

Moments after the Blue Jackets signed Nikolai Zherdev to a threeyear, $7.5 million contract yesterday, president and general manager Doug MacLean stressed that a baby sitter will no longer be part of the deal.
"We’re not going to have a fulltime baby sitter for him," MacLean said. "There’s a difference between getting him help and getting him a baby sitter. We’re willing to help the kid, of course.
7.5 million! This is kind of funny: "We're not going to have a
fulltime baby sitter for him".I had no idea they hired a person to
take care of everything for him last year.Guess he will have to change his own diapers.


Anonymous said...

Dougie boy really has issues with spending money on talent that actually deserves it doesnt he. Think he's just crying now because Zherdev actually got paid what he's worth.

Anonymous said...

I say "talent that deserves it" because yes I know his numbers havent been great but lets face it, the team has sucked heavily during his time here. Aside from Nash noone has put up good numbers in a Jackets uniform.

DE said...

Guess I was wrong he sure played great in his first game