Sunday, November 19, 2006

Doug MacLean must GO

Doug MacLean would not resign himself to losing one of his most talented players for the unforeseen future so he continued working the phones and eventually caved in and agreed to a deal with Zherdev. There are no take backs on Anson Carter contract, so, the Jackets have two pricey wingers for the next three years and little room to work with underneath the cap because of it.
While recently fired Philadelphia Flyers coach Ken Hitchcock comes to mind as a possible replacement others who should be on the short list include the always enigmatic Mike Keenan, former Bruins coach Mike Sullivan and very successful and much traveled Pat Quinn.
While Gallant may have recently paid the price for the Jackets poor start, Doug MacLean needs to make his next decision a good one otherwise he will be the next to go.I certainly hope so this all started with his poor trades and mismanagement.


Inquiring Minds said...

I was at Nationwide Arena on Friday night.
In five years of following CBJ, I've never seen such total domination. The Avs completely had their way with us. Previously, we had never missed a second of any game we attended. This time, we left before the 2nd period was over.
No one showed me anything. In the past, we knew that they sucked but they at least gave great effort. I didn't see that on Friday. It was disgusting.

Bob said...

Totally agree the contracts are one way no trade clauses for the big money players ,gee wonder who did that...