Monday, November 13, 2006

Gerard Gallant Columbus Blue Jackets

Gerard Gallant was fired as the head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday, less than 24 hours after the team dropped into last place in its division.
No replacement for Gallant was announced. Columbus next plays at home Wednesday night against Nashville.
The 43-year-old Gallant had a record of 56-76-10 in one full season and parts of two others as the head coach of the Blue Jackets. They fell to 5-9-1-0 this season after Sunday night's 1-0 loss at Chicago.
"Unfortunately, we have not gotten off to the start we expected this season and while there are always a multitude of factors involved, we felt a change was needed," general manager Doug MacLean said. Ok lets blame the coach for the players not scoring goals ,MacLean needs to look in the mirror if he wants to fire someone.


Inquiring Minds said...

If you can't blame the coach for players not scoring goals, how can you take another step back and blame the GM?

The players are there, the talent is there, the experience is there. What is missing other than proper motivation? What is the coach there for?

We've spent five years of patiently waiting for the puck to slide right for us. How can every other team win, but we cannot?

Anonymous said...

The potential problem of not ridding the organization of MacLean is that he will champion Agnew's candidacy or someone else's that will not challenge his authority or ego. This team does not need another "grooming" exercise or someone inhibited by his boss's overbearance at coach, but someone that has been there before, done it, and will stand-up to what is needed for this hockey team to win! If that means MacLean has to go, then so be it. The simple question Mr. Connell needs to ask is what do the fans deserve?

Disgusted, Yet Hopeful, Original PSL-Holder

Anonymous said...

This is a step backwards I see no good coming from this but thats the way of pro sports.Go Michigan I hope they put it to the OSU idiots.The schedule they had this year proved nothing.