Saturday, January 20, 2007


Zherdev has never been accused of being a two-way player.
"It’s about playing the game the right way," Hitchcock said. "I expect everybody to adhere to that. … Everybody has a different (skill) level. But when the other team has the puck, we all need to look the same. All of us."
Right winger Joe Motzko, who has spent most of the past three seasons with the Blue Jackets’ minor-league club in Syracuse, took Zherdev’s spot in the lineup. Why don't they just get rid of him,he costs the team too much money anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Can't stand Zherdev. He's a waste of money. Does anybody know what Hitchcock meant when he was explaining why Zherdev was a healthy scratch for NY game, and he said something about that Zherdev is not playing badly, but 'broke the rules of the team'? Anybody know more about that, like what kind of rule did he break?