Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bluejackets trades

You read it here first,
This summer the GM will be fired,Shelly,Modine,Carter will be traded in a package deal.Any thoughts ?


Bodo said...

Ken Hitchcock has brought a lot of stability to the team. Going into the season I expected them to be around or just slightly better than .500 - and this is about where the team has been since Hitchcock took over. This may save MacClean job.

The Blue Jackets are still a long ways off from the upper echelon teams such as Detroit, Nashville, and Anaheim. The recent games with Nashville clearly indicated this. Nashville has a lot of young talent that they drafted and have more good players in their system.

In the new NHL, a manager's success or failure is going to be based primarily on their draft record. Trades have become increasingly more difficult because of the salary cap and the restrictions it places.

Personally I'd keep MacLean around a little longer. His record isn't great but at least the framework for a better team is there. Drafting some young, tough, mobile defensemen will go a long way to helping this franchise get to the next level.

Non Americans said...

Nicely said I hear Foote is on the trading block also.

Anonymous said...

Modin won't be traded. In an interview with McLean before the NY game Sat. night, he said they were close to coming to an agreement on a long-term contract.

Non Americans said...

Ya I was wrong on him.