Thursday, April 19, 2007

Doug MacLean

Doug MacLean was fired as president and general manager of the Blue Jackets late last night after a meeting of the club's ownership group, a source told The Dispatch.
The decision to fire MacLean came less than two weeks after the Blue Jackets ended their sixth NHL season without a playoff appearance.
Its about time he has made a mess of this team.I pitty his replacement especially having to deal with players like Nikolai Zherdev,Expensive free agent busts such as Anson Carter, Luke Richardson, Todd Marchant, Adam Foote, Bryan Berard, and Scott Lachance simply sucked up a lot of salary and provided very little in return

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alexandre Picard

PICARD'S SURGERY: Alexandre Picard, a first-round pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets three years ago, will have surgery after injuring his left knee.Hopefully he will be good to go next season.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets have run out of excuses. True fan anger can begin. The team came into this season with a pseudo-all-star roster and a repentant child's share of promises, and it left it with players' tails between skates and reddened bottoms.
The sadder truth is the blame can't even befall the normal (and more widely acceptable) scapegoats of athletic failure. General Manager Doug MacLean spent big and seemingly smartly, arming the team for at least one year with a good mix of young, emerging talent and solid veteran leadership. Gerard Gallant and Hitchcock utilized opposite coaching methods in trying to rally their troops toward cohesive play.
The Blue Jackets have proven they can't listen to coaches, and it doesn't seem like they really listen to one another.

But when you're grossly overpaid and grossly under-performing, there's two sounds that still catch attention: a wild, unending stream of boos, or worse, silence

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hitchcock and Zherdev

So.....I knew it. Mr. Zherdev made the front top section of the sports page:
Hitchcock is having one-on-one meetings with each player to discuss off-season training..."No blue jackets player has severd a as a bigger source of frustration, and no player needs to have a better offseason, than zherdev."
To be fair, he has endured more dramas than most 22 year olds, from his covert escape from Russia to join the NHL to deeply personal issues with an ex girlfriend that may never be made public....He has been described by those who know him best thusly: stubborn, a malcontent and an enigma. "a diva" said one player. And zherdev's reply "I can't help it."
He lives in an upscale townhome 5 minutes from nationwide with his parents, sister and nephew. he SUPPORTS THEM ALL! both his parents quit their jobs when he started getting paid to play.
Alexander Sviov is zherdev's best friend, perhaps his only friend on the team. HAHA One player said "the guy's not a good teammate, and thast being kind" He left practice becuase he felt like it the other day, and got in a yelling match with gary agnew, and hitchcock made him go back and finish practice. GO COACH! and his reply is awlays, "I can't help it" When coaches confront him he often stares back at them blankly , and sometimes smirks.
After coaching more than 1000 hitchcock has seen it all, but never seen anybody as stubborn as zherdev. he says that he is used to"playign to pass the pick and get passes and score goals" one-on-one hockey... And guess who niki looks up to in the NHL...Sergei Samsonov, who doesnt have a home team right now, and has switched teams 3 times....go figure..
Hitchcock said that the CBJ may fly to Europe this summer to make sure workouts are being completed. (by zherdev, he isn't worrried about anyone else.)
Apperantly Zherdv wants to finsh his career with the CBJ, and he is up to the challenge. "I;d like to play here a long time. I can be a better player. I will be a better play. Wait and see."
Well..this was an interesting article. Also, we are 3-2 in season finales, and we have never lost in nationwide arena in the last game. Chimera, manny, and vyborny have played in every game this season. Thats cool.
Thanks for lunch dad.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


The jackets took it on the chin today against Detroit.The thing that really iteratated me was how negatine the anouncers were against the Jackets.