Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Calgary Flames - Columbus Blue Jackets

The Calgary Flames tied a National Hockey League record Tuesday by defeating the Columbus Blue Jackets 3-1 at Nationwide Arena.
In completing a 6-0 tour of six American cities, the Flames are the third club to win six consecutive games on the same road trip.
The other clubs with six-win road trips are the 1971-72 Boston Bruins and the 1982-83 Philadelphia Flyers. The 2001-02 Red Wings won six straight road contests without any intervening home dates, but the run was interrupted by the Olympic break.Don't you just love it when the Jackets help another team make a record lol

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Nate said...

Tough game. Calgary is playing very well right now as well.

I didn't see a contact section for your blog. I just opened a Blue Jackets fan forum. Wondered if you would be interested in a link exchange.

The url is

Let me know.

Thanks and go Blue Jackets!