Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hockey training book

The World Leader In Developing Hockey Players Into Elite Competitors Using Proven Training Methods For Teaching The Secrets Of Scoring Bucket Loads Of Goals, Dominating The Blue Line And Becoming A Wall In The Net. Focused On-Ice Training. “Drills don't improve skills the RIGHT drills improve skills!”
Off-Ice Training for Skill-Specific Development “Every off-ice minute should have a purpose” Developing Hockey Players Book!
Mental Toughness And Sport Psychology Support “To ignore this aspect of hockey is the most critical mistake players, parents and coaches make.”
And, Nutritional Guidance for body and genetic specific requirements “Every body has different requirements, which is why nutrition needs to be targeted.”


Columbus Wired said...

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Dave Weissman, Publisher

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I think this book may be better for hockey players because they can get better techniques to this book.

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Mostly people does not take knowledge about hockey because there are lack of knowledge about hockey. I think books are better trainee point.

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