Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hockey off ice training book

Off-ice training works. It’s no longer a fad. If you aren’t doing it, your team will be left behind. This blueprint will show you why you need an off-ice program and how to begin putting one together.The process of designing effective programs is where things get tricky. Juggling the different types, intensities, sets, repetitions, and rest intervals of exercises might leave you confused and frustrated, but not anymore. This blueprint gives you all the tools and resources you need to develop your own off-ice programs, including:
4 ready-to-use dynamic warm-ups
4 weeks of core training programming
3 months of power training programming
3 months of speed and acceleration training programming
3 months of agility and quickness training programming
4 weeks of conditioning programming
A sample stretching routine
Explanation and rationale for all the sample programs
How to incorporate all training variables into one cohesive program
The best programs for athletes of all ages
A unique explanation on how to perform core training to maximize on-ice carryover
Off-ice Training Product!

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