Monday, April 21, 2008

Adam Foote

Adam Foote did against the Wild. There’s no question Marian Gaborik heard “Foote-Steps” the whole series, just like there’s no question Foote turned out to be a tremendous acquisition at the trade deadline. There’s also no question he’s making the Columbus Blue Jackets look like a ship of fools for letting him go, and for throwing him under the bus afterward with a lot of specious, not-for-attribution accusations.
There’s no question about what some people close to the situation believe, though: GM Scott Howson went to the local press and whined about Foote playing some hardball over his contract, then slimed his character, and the media there ate it up.
Whether it was all true or not (and I have my doubts), it would be dumb of Howson to do that, if that’s what he did. That’s the kind of thing that can easily get around the league with the players, and hurt Columbus from landing other prospective free agents down the road. A lot of players might rightfully ask, “Is this how I’m going to get treated if things don’t go their way at the bargaining table?”
The folks in Columbus deny that Howson did such a dastardly thing.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bluejackets Attendance

Drop in Attendance
It has taken seven losing seasons for the Jackets to enter into this phase and the frustration of being the only franchise never to reach the playoffs has built to intolerable levels both in management's offices and in the stands.
The average attendance at Nationwide Arena fell 1,578 per game, the sharpest decline in the NHL this season.
There were only two sellouts this season, Feb. 2 against Minnesota (4-1 loss) and March 16 against Detroit (4-3 win).
Attendance will be sure to pick up next season if management can deliver on its promises of a fruitful offseason.