Saturday, January 17, 2009

NHL War Room Blue Jackets

It seems that this season the war room is against us. Last night in the game against New Jersey, the war room went in the opposing teams favor for the third time the season (all of which were iffy calls). They called the goal for the Devils last night inconclusive, when on the video you can clearly see the net is knocked off. If we were given a no goal for last night, and goals for Nash and Manny Malholtra earlier in the season, we could have at least 4 more points. That would put us in a better situation that we are in now.
I think a big problem with the war room up in Toronto is that the employees are ex-NHL players. They need to get some referees or other off-ice officials who are not biased to the situation. It seems to me, not only in the Columbus games, but all games, they rule to the team that has been around longer in the NHL and has had a better rep of making it to play-offs. The Blue Jackets have been playing the best we have ever played, and unfortunately because of the war room we are not where we should be and deserve to me. The first time or so you think of it as unlucky, but after this repeatedly happening when it keeps us in or out of a play-off spot, it always seems to go to the other team.

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