Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bluejackets vs Redwings

Detroit will win if... It doesn't get flustered. Too often, good goalies seem to get in the head of the Red Wings, who like to make the pretty play and score the fancy goal. Mason has shown the ability to stone even the most offensive of teams, so the Red Wings can't lose their composure if the rookie steals a period, or even a game. The Red Wings have the talent and the tenacity to break through against any team -- as long as they stick with the game plan that has served them so well during the regular season.

Columbus will win if... They do everything absolutely right. It's no big secret to say that the Blue Jackets will have to be at the top of their game in order to solve the defending Cup champion. But Hitchcock has a way of making his team's play close-to-perfect hockey. For this team, it means getting consistent scoring from a line other than Nash's, killing power plays effectively and scoring on their own power play more often than once every blue moon. If they can do all that -- and Mason is on his game -- the Jackets have a puncher's chance here.

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Stayclassy said...

Tambland over at has the Blue Jackets going all the way. Some compelling reasons too!