Thursday, April 23, 2009

NHL should be embarrassed

There is nothing worse the a official determine the out come of a game.No wonder fans can't stand the referees,it was a shit call with all the penalties going on before that call.The NHL should be embarrassed.


Fan of the Game since 1966. said...

Well if you are speaking of the too many men on the ice you are wrong. Dead wrong to be exact. It was a penalty that couldn't be overlooked because the man going off was still on the ice and "his" replacement played the puck. As far as the other calls not being made your right. The officials were not calling all the infringements made by either team; but that is a good thing. All too often the Wings are called for minor stuff because "they should know better" and their opponent is given a "luxury" pass because they don't possess the experience. It was good to see the officials being at least somewhat fair in the calling of the game last night.

What should be embarrassing, and hopefully is, is the way the Blue Jacket Fans responded to the "too many men" call. Columbus (the fans - and not all of them, just the garbage tossers) has shown nothing less than disrespect for the game, its players, and its franchise. It is totally dis-concerning that "true fans" would do anything as repulsive. As a "new" expansion to the league the players and franchise owe their fans their best, but in return their fans owe them as well and should be educated on proper etiquette of the game; including how to accept bad or un-timely calls. To see how this works look at Detroit's last home game against the Hawks when a hooking call was issued in the last 27 seconds and a penalty shot was awarded. The hook was all stick, no glove, no body, just simply reaching around and lifting the stick. The Wings lost because of a bad, nay terrible, call but that's just part of the game.

As far as a game four is concerned I think the Jackets showed up and played a fantastic game worthy of note. To get the defending Lord Stanley Cup winners in the first round is tough and to come back from a two goal deficit against them is almost impossible, but to do it twice in one game is unheard of. The Players on the Jackets team should be proud; Kudos!

Anonymous said...

althoug i agree with most of the last comment on the call atleast the jackets fans didnt try and throw an octupus at a cop, lol im just sayin.