Friday, September 24, 2010

Ice hockey training program

Flexibility is one of the most under-rated attributes in the game of hockey today. This Flexibility program will walk you through a Dynamic Warm-Up Routine, Static Stretch Routine, and Foam Roller Stretching Routine that will increase your chances ten-fold to stay healthy and in the lineup all season long. This is your missing link and safety net for injury prevention and faster recovery.Most hockey players approach performance nutrition completely the wrong way. This manual uncovers the myths of both game day and off-ice nutrition. Following this nutrition program early in your career will instantly give you a huge edge over the competition. Our state of the art Hockey Specific Nutrition program will introduce you to the exact foods that will maximize your energy output for games and workouts. This plan will help you recover twice as fast and is your difference maker on the ice. There is even a sample meal plan for one whole month explaining exactly when and what to eat every single day.
I put this program together because Strength and Conditioning coaches across the globe are charging an arm and a leg to teach you how to train, eat and live like a true hockey player. The big hockey problem is that most of them are doing it all wrong! Those days are now history. Hockey Training From The Pros was strategically developed to guide players at every level to achieve their individual goals – and reach their maximum hockey potential as fast as humanly possible.

The first true high converting direct response hockey training program. Includes In Season and Off Season Training and Nutrition manuals from the world's top hockey experts. Audio interviews, sixty video lifts and hockey specific exercises (iphone ready).

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