Saturday, March 12, 2011

Comprehensive hockey training program

The most comprehensive hockey training program ever developed being used by pro players today. Over 100 videos clearly demonstrate every exercise which allow the highest level of strength and power development.'Chris Collins training has helped me excel to become a high level athlete. Throughout my long grueling season, my conditioning and strength training from the summer has kept me performing at a high level and prevented any injuries. I found that Chris's training was very personalized and helped me improve my weaknesses while still excelling my strong points. He really understood my body and the things I needed to work on, while keeping me comfortable and confident in all the movements and exercises. His training program really stands out from other training programs I have tried. This was by far the most effective and efficient training program to help me become the best I can be as a player.'In other words you get everything you need to become the fastest hockey player you can possibly be. You get the exact program being used by NHL pros today.
But I'm always working to improve the product I give my hockey players to use. And what that means is that I'm constantly creating additional workouts, strategies and reports for them to gain another step on the competition.

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