Friday, September 30, 2011

Ice Hockey Training

Top Secret Off Ice Training From The Pros , Includes In Season and Off Season Training and Nutrition manuals from the world's top hockey experts. Audio interviews, sixty video lifts and hockey specific exercises (iphone ready).
This Program is a Steal: Strength and Conditioning coaches typically charge between $50-$100 a day to personally train with them for the summer. A major component of this program is the four month Off-Season Training Manual. This means it costs you less than one measly dollar a day for your summer workouts. And we’re just getting started.This Program is for EVERY Level of Hockey Training: Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level hockey player, when it comes to training, you have to be able to keep up. Although this training took years of real world experience to master and months to create, it’s still super simple to follow. One of the many reasons that this program is so powerful is because you control the intensity for each workout. This will help you gradually improve intensity over time to prevent injury and maximize performance.The more advanced you get throughout your training regimen, the less rest you’ll need to recover for the next set. This will improve your overall endurance in ways that you never dreamed possible. You’ll create the perfect synergy between training and nutrition based on your current condition and level of play. Now that’s pretty cool.This Program will Keep You on the Fast Track: Following a consistent training and nutrition routine is what makes average players good and good players great. You’ll have daily training and nutrition templates to keep you on track all year round.
The coolest part about each one of these books is the daily templates to help keep track of your sets, reps, and how long you rest between each exercise. This will be extremely beneficial down the road because you can track your progress. This is critical because you’ll see all your improvements and immediately recognize weaknesses so you know exactly what you need to work on. The hockey Pros all use this type of approach to stay ahead of the competition.
This Program Covers ALL Areas of Hockey: If you are looking to become stronger, faster, quicker, and more flexible…you’re in the right spot! We have it all. This program is specifically designed to turn your weaknesses into strengths.  Hockey Training!

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