Friday, December 23, 2011

Bluejackets loss to Nashville

The loss in Nashville was the final straw, as far as I'm concerned. The team blew 2 3-goal leads and lost in the last 8 seconds of the game.From McConnell, to Howson, to Arniel and to Nash - It's time to pull up the stakes, lower the tent and take the joke to another city. This team has give the rest of the NHL something to laugh harder at, and brings nothing but shame to hockey fans in Columbus.The money spent on season tickets is a waste I doubt I will be renewing next year. McConnell hasn't done nothing to do anything for this team, it makes it clear that even the "top" doesn't care about this franchise. The owners have no idea how to run a NHL team How can they not fire Howson and the coach what a disaster to Columbus,
Gotta see it "live"? You can't, when the team and organization is dead. Howson is a joke!

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