Friday, February 22, 2013

Jordin Tootoo

Dorsett, who paid a stiff price for starting what he thought was going to be a fight with Red Wings defenseman Jonathan Ericsson a few moments after Filppula’s goal. The timing was poor – Dorsett and Ericsson squared off as the Jackets, unbeknownst to Dorsett, were flinging the puck around the Red Wings zone in a threatening fashion. And then, “Tootoo thought he’d come in swinging,” said Dorsett, who said the engagement wasn’t a proper fight and probably tainted his Gordie Howe hat trick.
“You think you’re fighting a 6-5 Ericsson and then Jordin Tootoo comes in and sucker punches you. But that’s just Jordin Tootoo. You expect those kind of things from him.”
The shot from Tootoo bloodied Dorsett’s nose, which appeared askew afterward (“It’s probably broken,” Dorsett said after the game.).
“(Ericsson) and I were backing away. Tootoo was just being himself, being the cheap player that he is and coming in swinging. In my eyes, that should be a suspension. Those are the type of things that they’re trying to get out of the game but he’s an irrelevant player, so it doesn’t even matter.”

Good article Tootooo is a dirty player.

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