Sunday, November 24, 2013

Todd Richards’ job security

The Blue Jackets (8-12-3) were tied for seventh place with the Islanders in the Metropolitan Division, the NHL’s weakest, entering last night. They will complete their longest trip of the season — five games over nine days — at Toronto on Monday. It has been an all-Canada trip and, throughout the hockey-mad provinces, there have been whispers about coach Todd Richards’ job security. Richards can coach. We saw it last season. That is the way the brain trust is looking at things now. Although the losses at Edmonton and Vancouver were embarrassing, Richards is not in serious trouble. That is the vibe I am getting, anyway. He will not be judged on the basis of seven spotty weeks.
Too bad he is a boring coach and need to go.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vancouver coach John Tortorella

 After a five-game losing streak, Vancouver coach John Tortorella did the unthinkable, splitting up the Sedin twins as a way to spark a sputtering offense. Blue Jackets coach Todd Richards, who has faced Henrik and Daniel Sedin more times than he cares to remember the past few seasons, said he had never faced them on separate lines.  Richards looked asleep on the bench he can't motivate players.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jackets Coach

Comment from the Jacket fan:" Hopefully the upper echelon of the jackets will not wait to long before the jackets get rid of the coaches otherwise the jackets will be cellar dwellers for the whole year. Unfortunately they will lose there fan base if they don't do something quickly."
My thoughts is that Richards is boring and can't motivate the players he need to be fired.